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Good morning Freerunner !

Test your skills and your reflexes against your friends or in solo with LAZER RACER ! Choose your favorite freerunner between Marcel (Red), Marcelle (Green), Cordula (Blue), and Francis(Yellow), and run in an illegal freerunning race in the Cyberpunk city of Limoges ! Clear all the obstacles with style, do combos, and earn the most points to win !

Controls 🎮 :

Z/Q/S/D : Marcel (Red)

I/J/K/L : Marcelle (Green)

▲/◄/▼/► : Cordula (Blue)

5/3/6/9 or controller : Francis (Yellow)

Pay more attention to the text than the gameplay in the tutorial level so you don't miss anything about how the obstacles work !

The Team 😎 :

3rd year Final Project for Ynov Bordeaux

The game is made to be optimized on a lot of configurations and to fit to various screen sizes, don't hesitate to lower the graphics settings and resolution scale to get better performances, little tip : Potato mode + minimum resolution scale = kinda retro feeling :)

Install instructions

Extract and play :D


LazerRacer_v03.rar 494 MB


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Why not .zip?
The itch app is always confused by .rar s

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Didn't know there was an Itch app lol
Itch supports .rar, I just had to check an option for it to work but now you should be able to downlaod and launch it within the app 👍


c'était lourd j'ai kiffé


Ay merci :D